Prime Ministers

ASQUITH‚ Herbert Henry. 18434

ASQUITH‚ Herbert Henry.	18434 Autograph Signature‚ cut from the end of a letter. 3 x 4 inches. Undated. H.H.Asquith (1852-1928)‚ Prime Minister 1908-1916.

Price : £35.00

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CANNING‚ George. 14172

CANNING‚ George.	14172 Autograph wrapper front only‚ signed ‘Geo. Canning’ as Prime Minister lower left‚ addressed to Lieut. Fred Paget‚ Corfu. 3 x 4½ inches‚ laid down‚ light FREE postmark‚ in good condition. London‚ 16 July 1827 A rare dated signature from the few months when Canning was Prime Minister. George Canning (1770-1827)‚ statesman‚ became Prime Minister (April-August 1827).

Price : £120.00

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DISRAELI‚ Benjamin. 18245

DISRAELI‚ Benjamin.	18245	Autograph Envelope Signed ‘Beaconsfield’‚ addressed by Disraeli to “Her Royal Highness The Princess Mary Duchess of Teck”. Envelope 3 x 5 inches‚ black borders‚ embossed crest on flap‚ opened roughly but in good condition‚ black wax seal of the First Lord of the Treasury on verso. Undated. Benjamin Disraeli‚ Earl of Beaconsfield (1804-81)‚ Prime Minister 1868‚ 1874-80.

Price : £150.00

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GLADSTONE‚ William Ewart. 15614

GLADSTONE‚ William Ewart.	15614 Autograph Letter Signed‚ to Lady Molesworth‚ sending a copy of an Address on account of “a reference which I trust will not displease you”. 1½ pages 7 x 4½ inches‚ in good condition‚ one small neat repair. 4 Carlton House Terrace‚ 24 January 1856. William Ewart Gladstone (1809-98) who became Prime Minister 1868-74‚ 1880-85‚ 1886‚ 1892-94.

Price : £100.00

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NORTH‚ Frederick‚ 2nd Earl of Guilford. 15097

NORTH‚ Frederick‚ 2nd Earl of Guilford.	15097 Autograph Letter Signed ‘N’‚ written while in Parliament‚ as Prime Minister‚ to William Eden‚ agreeing to help him‚ explaining that “Mr Fox is speaking” on “Mr Powys’s motion” and they are likely to be delayed till late at night. 1 page 7 x 6 inches‚ traces of former mounting‚ in clean condition‚ lower edge slightly ragged‚ with the integral address leaf signed ‘North’. Undated. Frederick North (1732-92)‚ known as Lord North‚ was Prime Minister from 1770-1782 and was largely responsible for the measures which led to the loss of America. In 1783‚ having entered a coalition with Fox‚ he served in the Duke of Portland’s ministry. William Eden (1744-1814)‚ first Baron Auckland‚ statesman and diplomat. Eden was one of the five commissioners sent to America to try to settle the disturbances there. He was elected to the House of Commons but went out of office in December 1783 after the dismissal of the coalition ministry of Fox and Lord North. “I know nothing of what you mention‚ but will do in this (as I really have in every other point) every thing that can be agreeable to you‚ & contribute to your satisfaction. Mr Fox is speaking vehemently for Mr Powys’s motion & we are like to be detain’d till late at night. Yrs most faithfully N.” Thomas Powys‚ 1st Baron Lilford (1743–1800) was elected to the House of Commons for Northamptonshire in 1774‚ a seat he held until 1797. The latter year he was raised to the peerage as Baron Lilford. The date of this note has not yet been determined‚ but on 10 April 1778 Mr Powys moved in Parliament that the powers of the Commissioners be increased so that they be authorised “to declare the Americans absolutely‚ and for ever independent”. Fox spoke at length.

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PALMERSTON‚ Lord. 18280

PALMERSTON‚ Lord.	18280	Autograph Signature ‘Palmerston’‚ cut from the end of a Royal warrant. 2½ x 3½ inches‚ fine. Undated [c.1820-1830]. Henry John Temple‚ 3rd Viscount Palmerston (1784-1865)‚ Prime Minister (1855-58‚ 1859-65).

Price : £15.00

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PEEL‚ Sir Robert. 18399

PEEL‚ Sir Robert.	18399	Autograph Letter in the third person (”Mr Robert Peel presents his Compliments to the Chancellor of the Exchequer ....”‚ declining to serve on a Committee “as Sir Robert Peel has strongly objected to the propriety and practice of a Revision of the Pension List by a Committee of the House of Commons”. 2 pp. 9 x 7 inches‚ in good condition. Whitehall‚ 10 December 1837. Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850)‚ Prime Minister 1834-5‚ 1841-6‚ who reorganised the police force.

Price : £100.00

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PITT‚ William‚ the Younger. 17900

PITT‚ William‚ the Younger.	17900	An original Autograph Memorandum‚ in the hand of William Pitt‚ for circulation among his Cabinet only‚ about a draft Message to the King‚ in advance of the imminent Budget‚ advising that the considerable funds accruing through the capture of “the Dutch Property” (in the East Indies‚ and at the Cape) “ought to be applied by His Majesty to Public Purposes”. 3 pp. 9 x 7 inches‚ in fine clean condition. Written in the third person‚ without signature. Downing Street‚ Sunday‚ December 6th.‚ 5 P.M. [1795]. An urgent policy decision‚ designed to raise money for the war against France‚ entirely in the hand of William Pitt the Younger (1759-1806)‚ England’s youngest Prime Minister‚ in a letter for circulation among his Cabinet‚ five of whom have annotated this letter with their initials and “I see no objection...” In July 1795 Holland joined the French against England. The British took from the Dutch the Cape of Good Hope‚ Ceylon‚ and other possessions in the East Indies. On 5 December 1795 a subscription loan of 18 million pounds was raised to carry on the war. Against this background‚ Pitt writes (in the third person) to his Cabinet on 6 December: “By the accompanying Account which Mr Pitt has received from the King’s Advocate‚ it appears that the Amount of the Dutch Property which will be vested in the Crown is likely to be very considerable‚ and that a large Part of it has been detained under Circumstances which will entitle the Captors to a very small Proportion. The Remainder it is conceived ought to be applied by His Majesty to Public Purposes‚ as in the Case of the French Prizes in the War before last‚ and it would in many respects be very material that this Intention should be announced previous to the Budget tomorrow. With this View Mr Pitt has prepared the draft of a Message on this subject‚ taken in a great measure from the King’s Speeches at the Close of the Session of 1763‚ and the Commencement of that of 1764‚ and proposes‚ if no Objection occurs to it‚ to send it tomorrow morning for His Majesty’s Signature. He has desired these Papers to be circulated as expeditiously as possible.”

Price : £1,750.00

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STANLEY‚ Edward Geoffrey‚ 14th Earl of Derby. 18403

STANLEY‚ Edward Geoffrey‚ 14th Earl of Derby.	18403 Autograph Letter Signed ‘Derby’‚ to Sir Fitzroy Kelly M.P.‚ about a subscription to assist Mr. P.Nagle‚ asking for further information and whether Kelly had given permission for his own name to be added to the subscription document. 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches‚ in fine condition. Knowsley‚ 24 December 1854. The Earl of Derby became Prime Minister in 1852‚ 1858-9‚ and 1866- January 1868. As Colonial Secretary in 1833 he carried the Act for the emancipation of West Indian slaves.

Price : £45.00

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